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Photographs -  Expressions in the form of impressions.

Willsworth the team contains professional photographers who dedicate their life for capturing glimpses of expressions, whether it is natural or artificial through their optical lenses. We deliver our effort in the forms of quality outputs. 
Special zoom, telescopic lens are used for rich extracts. Photos can be delivered in CDs, print and positives in any required sizes.

Our services are available for 

  • Freelance photography - you can select photos from our picture gallery which has been taken at various occasions by our photographers. 
  • Contract photography - you can contract our photographer for a preset time. And the charges will be according to the time and number of snaps.
  • Subject photography - Photographs taken on any particular subject. The output standards should be mentioned early.
  • Commercial photography - Industrial / product photographs can be taken for commercial application / purpose. For details send us your requirement through enquiry form.

Photographs of tourist locations in India
On request we can take photographs of tourist locations/places in India as a package.
Special events like festivals, traditional occasions, cultural events, etc. can be taken on contract basis.

Geographical Photos / Wild Life
We can take specific photos of plants, trees, animals, insects, forest, mountains,  landscapes, backwaters, etc.

Occasional Photographs (only in Kerala)
Special occasions like marriage, get-together, meeting, inauguration, birthday, celebrations, etc. can be taken on prior booking. Note: A third party function requires the permission form the concerning person and an authorizing letter.

We at Willsworth will be able to provide you with more services. Please send your requirement through the enquiry form

Charges cannot be mentioned in prior as it need to be assessed according to the effort taken. Check out some photographs >> picture gallery.

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